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Techology Solutions

Cloud Advocate works with businesses and local government institutions to analyze and improve the collaboration and communication services they use every day. As a Technology Services Broker focusing in communications, cloud migrations and cybersecurity our services will help you the most when your company is moving any or all of its business technology into the cloud, or protecting the security of its infrastructure.  To achieve these goals, you will need the expertise provided by a solutions engineering consultant such as Cloud Advocate.


Communications & Connectivity

Supporting customers has evolved to encompass more than just answering a ringing phone. Today’s technologies involve apps, video conferencing, chatbots and a single pane of glass to manage it all. We’re happy to show you what this can look like for you. Feel free to schedule a time with us or consider trying out our contact solutions anywhere on our site. Supporting today’s customers means opening the door to the comfort level of generations with different approaches to technology. Let’s talk about how you can help them all and provide the best customer experience possible.


Cloud Solutions 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the cloud. Your initiatives are as unique as the hundreds of solutions available. Private, Public or Hybrid are all options available to you. Your requirements in this complex undertaking are what determines your unique path to the cloud. With so many variables, how can you budget for this? Does the solution meet your industry’s compliance requirements? We have hundreds of solutions engineered and implemented across dozens of industries. We can help you find the answers to all of your questions, and manage implementing the entire solution.

Security & Risk

The security of your infrastructure can determine your success as an organization. Attacks happen daily, and it is no longer a question of IF but WHEN and HOW you will recover. Let us help you protect your most valuable assets.


What We Offer

Cloud Advocate is a white glove consultant group offering solutions to the most complex initiatives. From budgeting and design, to implementation, to securing the solution – we offer everything you can want from your consultant.

Technology Assessments

We offer free technology reviews to help you reduce costs, or turn your technology into a revenue multiplier.

Cloud Design & Implementation

Today’s teams rarely operate completely from the same location so the move to the cloud is a necessary but complex undertaking to enable these teams to collaborate effectively. We help you find the path to success. 

Security Solutions

Cybersecurity needs to be in the mind of every organization of any size. Nearly every industry is required to have at least some basic security controls in place, but are they enough? Security is an ever evolving game, and your defenses must be relevant to today’s threat landscape.

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